• Apr29

    Clips Round-up for 4/29/14

    Submitted by on Apr 29, 2014

    Larry Sabato for Politico Magazine: "With upwards of $2.6 billion estimated to be spent on political TV spots in 2014—an increase of 10 percent or more from the last midterm election in 2010—you’d best get ready for the assault on your senses.

  • Apr28

    Clips Round-up for 4/28/14

    Submitted by on Apr 28, 2014

    The Senate Rules Committee is bringing some star power to its Wednesday hearing on McCutcheon and dark money: former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

  • Apr25

    Clips Round-up for 4/25/14

    Submitted by on Apr 25, 2014

    Yesterday, a federal judge in New York threw out the state's contribution limit on donations to outside groups. But he wasn't happy about it. The Bush-appointed judge, Paul Crotty, said: "One thing is certain: large political donations do not inspire confidence that the government in a representative democracy will do the right thing.

  • Apr23

    Clips Round-up for 4/23/14

    Submitted by on Apr 23, 2014

    Mark your calendar: Senate Rules Committee will hold a hearing on McCutcheon v.

  • Apr22

    Clips Round-up for 4/22

    Submitted by on Apr 22, 2014

    First: With lobbying reports coming in, the Hill reports: "Revenues are rising again on K Street after a brutal 2013 for many of Washington’s top firms. Four of the top five lobby shops on Monday reported increases in lobbying revenue over the first three months of 2014, with some in the top 20 recording double-digit growth.

  • Apr21

    Clips Round-up for 4/21/14

    Submitted by on Apr 21, 2014

    ICYMI: PCAF's David Donnelly, a New Jersey resident, had this oped in the Star-Ledger on Friday responding to Chris Christie's call to get rid of contribution limits. (Meme'd)

  • Apr18

    Clips Round-up for 4/18/14

    Submitted by on Apr 18, 2014

    So what do we call "joint fundraising committees" that'll probably become more popular in a post-McCutcheon world? Washington Post's Matea Gold says the winner of her contest is FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub's "max-PACs."

  • Apr17

    Clips Round-up for 4/17/14

    Submitted by on Apr 17, 2014

    As you begin flipping through the paper filings of Senate fundraising reports, do read Michael Beckel's latest for CPI on the e-filing fight in the Senate. And who's to blame? Sen. Tester's spokesperson says Mitch McConnell has “objected to passing the bill by unanimous consent."

  • Apr16

    Clips Round-up for 4/16/14

    Submitted by on Apr 16, 2014

    Washington Post: "Wealthy political donors pumped millions of dollars into Democratic and Republican super PACs in the first quarter of the year — a sign that independent political groups will once again have a large impact on this year’s midterm contests."

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  • Apr15

    Clips Round-up for 4/15/14

    Submitted by on Apr 15, 2014

    This little nugget in a recent profile of Sen. Mitch McConnell is so good.